Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 9, day 4

110 minutes

I’m officially halfway done!

Today was a step back run. Only an hour and fifty minutes. It actually felt relatively easy.

This morning I went to a sporting goods store and made a couple of gear changes. I went out and bought a new hydration system. Decided to go pick up a Camelbak backpack. Tested it out on this run.

I really like it and I don’t think I’m ever going back to the fuel belt. It holds 70 ounces of water as opposed to the 32 that my bottles had. Also, it feels a lot more secure since it’s on my back. Most importantly, though, it kept my water cool for the entire run. To add insult to injury the thing costs less then my fuel belt. Oh well… Sometimes you gotta learn stuff the hard way.

I think the Camelbak had a huge effect on how I felt during the run. Going the first hour without drinking, like I had been doing,  was probably a dumb idea in retrospect. Really didn’t have a choice though. I only had a limited amount of water and I wanted to make sure I had enough at the end. From here on out I’m going to make an effort to drink during the entire run.

I also bought some new shoes. No way was I gonna test them out on this run. Decided to give my old New Balance sneakers one last go. The things served me well for quite a long time but they’re falling apart. They are officially retired. Tuesday I break in my new pair of Asics Nimbus. I’ve been hearing good things about them so we’ll see how they work.


2 responses to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 9, day 4

  1. What model Camelbak did you get? I would be interested since you like yours so much.

    I, too, just bought some Asics and have retired my NB’s. After trying nearly every shoe on in the store, I am now an Asics fan. Keep us posted on your new rubber!

  2. Just a tip: The camelback can grow mold if you don’t get all the water out after use.

    Buy some disinfectant tablets (used for baby bottles) and drop some in when you are storing it.

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