Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 12, day 3

Planned – 55 minutes (5 miles).

Actual – 22 minutes.

Today I think I hit an all time low. I went back outside and couldn’t go for more than 22 minutes.

Rather then wait til tonight to run I decided to run at 1pm. The little weather bug on my computer told me it was 70 degrees so I figured it wouldn’t be so bad. As it turns out, it was actually 90 degrees. HUGE difference there! I now know it’s supposed to be 98 degrees tomorrow. The temps drop to the mid 70’s during the week at the exact time that it does me zero good. Wonderful……

It wasn’t very long into the run when my mouth started getting dry and I got real thirsty. I was stupid to not bring a water bottle but I never have before on anything under an hour so I didn’t think about it. Thinking back I didn’t do enough to hydrate myself before hand either.

As the sun continued to beat down on me, I honestly thought there was a real possibility that I might pass out. At the 22 minute mark I decided that enough was enough.


One response to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 12, day 3

  1. Hang in there. Keep hydrated. You can do it.

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