Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 12, day 4

132 minutes (12 miles).

This was just what I needed.

This was a step back week and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when I think I can’t do this thing I have a good run like this.

I went all out for this run. First, I made sure I got the calories today. I ate like there was no tomorrow. I stopped thinking about losing weight entirely and just focused on getting as much food down as I could. This run was all that mattered.

I also made sure that I was super hydrated. I drank as much water as I could get down along with who knows how many gatorades. I lost count.

The final part of my plan was to avoid the heat. I was out during the day today and felt like I was going to melt. It was awful. I made the decision to wait until much later. I ended up going out at 7pm. It got dark early in my run. The temperature cooled down considerably and there was a nice breeze.

It was tough to see at times but there was a full moon tonight so it wasn’t as bad as before. One benefit of running late at night is that I get a nice view of the Washington Monument and the Capitol. They’re both lit up so they’re the only thing you can see in the horizon. It’s really something special. I spent a lot of time staring at them and not thinking about being tired.

With all these things going on this run was pretty easy. I feel really good right now. My half marathon is less then four weeks away and I’m super confident about that. The marathon is still going to be a challenge but today I feel like it’s one I’ll be able to take on.


One response to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 12, day 4

  1. AWESOME! Congrats on that run! I hope the rest are just like it. 🙂

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