Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 14, day 4

154 minutes (14 miles)

I know this thing has pretty much been FAILblog lately but today I actually got the job done.

Once I’ve been running for more than an hour my mind starts playing tricks on me. I won’t be tired or hurting but I want to stop. I REALLY felt that today at the 90 minute mark. It was almost like my mind was saying, “DUDE, you ran 90 freaking minutes. I think that’s enough.” It’s wasn’t though, because I had a whole hour to go.

I found myself making little deals along the way. At 90 minutes I just said get to two hours and then you can walk a little bit. As the two hour mark was approaching I was REALLY looking forward to walking. It was at that point that I found a little inspiration.

This is dumb and a little embarrassing but here’s what happened. I started thinking about the HUGE Bama win last night against Georgia. A smile instantly crossed my face because that was freaking awesome. Then I thought about this year’s rallying cry, “FINISH.” I kept telling myself to FINISH. After about five minutes of that, something just came over me and I was hell bent on getting this done. Over the last 15 minutes I was running at the fastest pace of my entire run.

Before I knew it I looked at my watch and it was over. I was really proud of myself. Damn, that felt good.



4 responses to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 14, day 4

  1. Congrats! You gotta take inspiration from whatever source you can!

  2. Running is sooo mental. Awesome to see you turned that mental thing around to benefit you to the finish line!

  3. Whatever it takes to get the job done! I don’t think that is nearly as embarrassing as other things I have heard…

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