Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 15, day 1

5 miles

This week is shot all to hell.

I’ve made quite a few friends recently. We ended up doing what a lot of friends do – drinking beers. I hung out at a bar with a different set of guys on two different nights. I spent the third night at the apartment of some friends that my wife recently met. Lets just say that I was in no shape to do any running on any of those nights.

This was supposed to be my week with the most total mileage. Instead, I snuck in the first run on Friday night. I’ve got my half marathon next Saturday so I’m not going to go crazy with catching up. I’ll do what I can.

This run was somewhat of a success in that I actually finished it. When I started I had a lot of pain in my left hip, my left thigh and my right knee. I simply couldn’t run with the incline at 1.0. I ended up dropping it back to zero and gritting my teeth for a while. The leg pain became bearable but then I developed stomach pains. I had to slow it down to a walk a few times. I was determined to get those five miles, though, and I got them.

I guess the plan now is to try to fit in a 10 mile run tomorrow and a 5 miler on Sunday morning. I’m leaving town that afternoon for a few days so the odds of me getting my 20 miler in are slim and none.


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