Belly Off 2008, week 3, day 2

The half marathon training is going to hell but I’m determined to stick with the lifts. I actually went to do these during what’s supposed to be rush hour. All I needed today, though, was dumbbells and the squat rack so I had no trouble at all.

Here are the numbers. I did all four in a row with no rest.

Dumbbell Snatch (8×25, 8×25, 8×25)

I went up to the 25 pound dumbbells today. It made these things a lot tougher but I got them done. I’m not so sure that my form was as good as it could be but that will come with time.

Ranging Squat (10×100, 10×100, 2×100)

Added five pounds here. I’m really happy with my form on the first two sets. It was just as good as last time. On the last set I felt back pain almost from the start and ended up bailing after only two reps.

One Arm Dumbbell Press (10×40, 10×40, 10×40)

Jumped up to the 40’s. The first two sets were fairly easy. The third set with the left hand was pretty easy too. For some reason when I used my right hand on that last set I had back pain. I got through it but it was not fun.

Dumbbell RDL w/row (10×25, 10×25, 10×25)

Stuck with the same weight here. I’m feeling better about the romanian deadlift part but the row is still tough. Especially after doing the press immediately before.


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