Belly Off 2008, week 3, day 3

When I got to the gym all three squat racks were taken. Two people were doing legitimate stuff (i.e. squats and deadlifts). I don’t have a problem waiting for them. The last guy was doing bicep curls. He needs a beating.

I ended up doing five minutes on the elliptical to warm up. I think you’re supposed to do that everytime but I never do since my walk to the gym is more than five minutes.

Back pain caused me to not be able to do all the lifts. Weirdly, my squats were not the ones affected.

Here are the numbers.

Hang Clean/Front Squat/ Push Press (8×75, 8×75, 8×75)

This is a five pound increase officially but I have a feeling that I miscounted last week. I feel like this was exactly the same but I can’t be sure. Ended up spending a huge amount of time making sure on this one. Used the 45 pound bar along with 15 pounds on both sides. I’m pretty sure that’s 75.

Anyway… This is good for my front squat confidence. I can get really good depth. Back feels good. Still, the whole thing is frustrating because I have to really struggle on the push press. I am really weak on that one.

Push up/pull up ladder (2/1, 4/2, 6/3, 2/x, x.x)

I need to make sure that I keep track of these just to ensure progress. Today was the first time that I got all 6 push ups. That was about as far as I could go though. I’m still two sets from ever accomplishing this thing.

My “pull ups” are still a joke. I can’t hold on for longer than a second or two.

X Chop (8×12, 8×12, 8×12)

Nothing to these.

Thrusters (10xBW)

The first set hurt my back on every one. I somehow gritted through it and finished the first one. Didn’t even think about doing a second.

Medicine Ball Bicycle (2×4)

You’re supposed to do 20 reps but I am FAR away from ever getting there. These hurt my back the most. I literally can’t keep my legs up because it hurts too much. I have no idea what the problem is.


One response to “Belly Off 2008, week 3, day 3

  1. One of the most common easily fixable reasons for back pain is tight hamstrings. Try some hamstring stretches and see if it helps. If not, definitely get it checked out. Back pain is not any good (chronic back pain going on two years now, unfixable, but when my hams are tight it is worse).

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