Belly Off 2008, week 4, day 1

I don’t remember a time in the recent past where I had to work as hard as I did today. As I walked out of the gym I felt like I’d given it all I had.

The good thing is that I went up in weight and there were still no back issues. I feel more confident about adding the weight every day.

One thing that I’m curious about is to see how my numbers are affected by my new gym. I’ve always heard that the plates aren’t exactly the weight they say they are. Next week I’m probably going to stick with whatever weights I do this week just to be safe.

Here are the numbers.

Deadlift (15×125, 12×130, 10×135)

Added five pounds to all the lifts for a second straight week. I keep promising myself that I’ll go slow but I’m always antsy to add weight. It worked out today because I had no problems.

Bench (10×135, 10×135, 10×135)

For the first time since I started this thing I got all the reps. Finally. Can’t believe how weak I am.

Reverse lunge (10×20, 10×20, 10×20)

I’ve gone over past workouts and this one is confusing. In the past I added the two dumbbells to get the weight. I’m just going to list the weight of one dumbbell to prevent further confusion. So last week I used 15’s.

Today I went up to the 20’s and it was incredibly tough. I feel like I’m strong enough to lift more but I get so tired that I don’t know if I’d be able to do all the reps without stopping.


This was the toughest round of intervals I’ve ever done. I was breathing hard almost from the start. There were a few embarrassing grunts along the way but I was determined to keep up the intensity. The rest periods felt like they flew by.

I could barely walk after I finished. I never knew you could get so tired from the bicycles.


One response to “Belly Off 2008, week 4, day 1

  1. Looks like a tough workout. I love doing intervals for fat loss. They’re pretty tough to do, as you already know.

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