Belly Off 2008, week 4, day 3

I did my last lift at my current gym today. Kind of sad…..

I was able to completely finish all the reps on the last three lifts. First time I ever did that. Progress, I guess.

Here are the numbers.

Hang Clean/Front Squat/ Push Press (8×75, 8×75, 8×75)

Same weight as last time. For some reason these are still incredibly hard because of the push press. After I finished these my arms and shoulders felt dead.

Push up/pull up ladder (2/1, 4/2, 6/3, 4/x, x.x)

“Pull ups” are still a joke. I did add two to the fourth set so I’m getting to the point where I can actually do this lift completely. Maybe. That should be a goal at least. This is kind of embarrassing.

X Chop (8×12, 8×12, 8×12)

Nothing to these.

Thrusters (10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW)

I got all these this time with minimal back pain. They’re still impossible to do consecutively without taking breaks. I feel like I’m really out of shape when I do these.

Medicine Ball Bicycle (20×4, 20×4, 20×4)

I did three sets of 20 for the first time ever. My back didn’t hurt as much but it was still really tough. I had to do these way too fast in order to get it done. I don’t know if I got anything out of the first two sets to be honest. I managed to do hold the reps on the last set a lot better. Hopefully I can improve on this next time.


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