Belly Off 2008, week 4, Saturday challenge

Today was my last day at my gym. It was even sadder then yesterday. I’m pretty sure I heard the Incredible Hulk music playing as I walked out the door….

I have no clue when I’ll start going to my next gym. Monday and Tuesday will be spent on the road so it would be Wednesday at the very earliest. I’ve got that half marathon on Saturday, though. I’ll probably take the week off and start lifting the next Monday.

As for today …

For some reason the intervals didn’t seem as tough. Don’t get me wrong. I was breathing hard and walking away from the bike was still a bit of an adventure. It just didn’t seem as bad as the last two weeks.

The power of 10 workout, on the other hand,  was tougher then ever. I had to increase the time to 25 seconds. The iso holds are about damn near impossible. Not sure how I’ll be able to hold them much longer.

I increased the pushups to 12. That’s an increase of two from last week.


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