Belly Off 2008, week 5, day 1

Yesterday was my first day in my new gym. It took a while to get the lay of the land but I found everything I needed without many problems.

A big change I made was upgrading my notebook. I’ve been using one the size of my palm forever now. Now I’ve got one almost as large as a regular notebook. I’m not even trying to hide it. The change made making notations a lot easier. Now I can make more detailed notes along with my numbers. I think that will help me decide when It’s time to add weight.

To be perfectly honest, it’s been time to add weight for a long time. I didn’t this time since everything was so new. Every weight I did was exactly the same as week 4.

Here are the numbers.

Deadlift (15×125, 12×130, 10×135)

This gym doesn’t have 10 pound bumper plates. They told us that we can throw the weights on the ground as hard as we want so I guess they figure they don’t need them. I was forced to use 35’s as a base. We didn’t have 35’s at the old gym so I was thrilled to see them there but it made me have to reach a little further down then I’d like to pick up the bar.

I only have one notation on my notebook – “easy.” That should pretty much sum it up. I need to start with 135 next time. That will solve all my issues here.

Bench (10×135, 10×135, 10×135)

The first two sets were pretty easy but the last one was tough. I’m glad I didn’t get overconfident because it would have been embarrassing to scream for help on my first day.

Reverse lunge (10×20, 10×20, 10×20)

These were as tough as usual. I’d like to note that while I was holding my 20 pound dumbbells the guy beside me was deadlifting 500 pounds FOR REPS! I still can’t believe it. Never seen anything like it.


Tough as always. I had thoughts of quitting early on but figured that since I’ve come this far there’s no point in stopping.


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