Belly Off 2008, week 5, day 2

It’s still difficult adjusting to driving to the gym. It takes me 20 minutes one way. I am not enjoying this. Thinking about upgrading our membership so we can also go to the one that is closer. It’s not as good but this commute is gonna get old really quick.

My warmup today was virtually zero. I guess I’m used to having the walk be the warmup. I need to get serious about that part.

Here are today’s numbers. I did all four in a row with no rest.

Dumbbell Snatch (8×30, 8×30, 8×32.5)

Nothing much to say about this one. My new gym has dumbbells between the five pound increments so that’s nice. I tried the 32.5 pound dumbbells on the last set and didn’t have any problems.

Ranging Squat (10×100, 10×100, 3×100)

My first two sets were pretty good. I got good depth on most of the reps. On the ones where I didn’t it was because I didn’t drop my ass. I’ve still got a bad habit of leaning forward on these things. At least I understand when I’m doing it wrong. That’s something.

I hurt my back a little on the first set of RDL’s. By the time I got to the second set of squats I felt a twinge. It wasn’t much so I pushed through it. On the last set it started hurting more and I bailed.

I’m extremely frustrated with my lack of progress on squats. I’ve been doing these things for three years now! You’d think I’d have something to show for it. No matter what, though, I’m not adding weight until I’m comfortable. I remember the last time I tried to tough it out. I could barely walk around the house. Not going to happen again.

One Arm Dumbbell Press (10×40, 10×42.5, 10×42.5)

I tried the new dumbbells without any trouble.

Dumbbell RDL w/row (10×40, 10×30, no lift)

Here was where I screwed up. I read my paper wrong and went with 40’s instead of 30’s. That first set was extremely tough and I had no idea why. When I dropped back to the normal weight on the second set I was still hurting. Didn’t take a chance on a third set.


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