Belly Off 2008, week 6, day 2

I did these at my second gym on Friday night.  The place was surprisingly busy. I saw more people at my little gym on Friday night then I had at either gym on any day since I’ve been down here.

Here are today’s numbers. I did all four in a row with no rest.

Dumbbell Snatch (8×35, 8×35, 8×35)

There aren’t any 32.5 lb dumbbells at the downtown gym so I took a shot at 35’s. Not too much trouble

Ranging Squat (10×100, 10×100, 10×100)

I had a little back trouble but I got all the sets. Nothing serious but whenever I feel any pain back there I get nervous. I ended up doing these with my toes pointing at a 45 degree angle and pushing my knees out as far as possible. There was no other way to do it without it hurting too much.

I’m not feeling to good about these things these days.

One Arm Dumbbell Press (10×45, 10×45, 10×50)

Again, no 42.5’s so I went up. Did the last set with a 50lber and got it done so that’s some progress.

Dumbbell RDL w/row (10×30, 10×30, 10×30)

Last week I accidentally went too high and screwed up my whole workout. This time I made double sure about my numbers. I really can’t go higher right now because it takes all my energy to keep my back straight. I don’t know that I’m even doing it right because sometimes I lean the dumbbells against my legs as I go down. Too much worrying about my back. Hopefully soon I’ll have the confidence to do these without that crutch.


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