Belly Off 2008, week 6, Saturday challenge

This was the hardest challenge yet.

I think I deserve a cookie for getting this one done today. My gym closes at 6pm on Sundays so I had to go earlier then usual. Instead of enjoying the 4pm NFL games, like the rest of America, I was sweating it out in the gym. I missed the epic Dallas Cowboy beatdown that I’m sure everyone I know will be talking about.

This workout was a little bit different. Instead of 10 rounds of 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off on the bicycle it changed to 5 rounds of 15 seconds on, 45 seconds off. I can say without question that the one I did today was a LOT harder. Since I only had 5 rounds I was able to go much harder on all of them. The final one was the most difficult 15 seconds I’ve experienced in the gym that I can remember.

After the cycling I moved on to the Power of 10. This time I had to do two sets. The first one involved doing all 10 for 30 seconds. After a little rest I had to do it again for 10 seconds.

I did 13 push ups in the first round and 5 in the second.

I can’t believe how tired and sore I am right now.


One response to “Belly Off 2008, week 6, Saturday challenge

  1. Good job. You took care of yourself first and not the TV. That is a big ‘ol win. Great job.

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