Belly Off 2008, week 7, day 1

I have mixed feelings about today’s workout.

On the one hand I made some big increases. On the other hand I wasn’t able to finish all the reps towards the end. I guess, on the whole, I’m happy that I finally sucked it up and added some weight to my lifts.

If anything, today’s lift reinforced for me the fact that I haven’t been giving my all in the gym for a long time. I’ve been using my back pain as an excuse. I’ve basically been going to the gym and doing  just enough to be a little uncomfortable and calling it a day.

It’s almost like I go to the gym just to get my ticket punched. Unfortunately, even perfect attendance doesn’t produce results. You have to really work hard or you don’t get anything for your trouble.

Here are the numbers.

Deadlift (15×145, 12×155, 10×165)

I added 10 pounds on all three sets with no back problems. That’s huge. I’m really proud that I finally made the decision to get serious about adding weight. To be perfectly honest, after today’s lift I realize I can still do a lot more here. I probably need to be smart about adding weight, though, and not go too crazy. Still, I’ve been lifting weights consistently for almost three years now. There’s really no excuse for my numbers to be this low.

Bench (10×140, 10×140, 10×140)

I’ve got some kind of mental block on the bench press. I’m convinced that I’m gonna put too much on and I’m gonna get crushed by the bar. I’ve never really made a serious effort here. In fact, I spent most of the past few years hating on the bench press.

I added 5 pounds from the very start. I’ve got a big note in my journal from last week saying that the last set was “TOUGH.” I basically ignored it and added weight anyway. That’s probably my only choice. It was no tougher then last week. It turns out that my arms and shoulders work just like the rest of my body. When you force them to lift more weight they can do it.

In my head I know I can lift more but I just can’t seem to put that thought into action. I guess it’s just gonna take me forcing myself to add weight to get it done.

Reverse lunge (6×25, 3×25, 3×25)

I went up 5 pounds (10 – if ya want to get technical) and went with the 25’s. In retrospect, probably a bad move. I was so pumped to have added weight in the other two lifts that I figured I might as well go for gold. I couldn’t get close to 10 reps on any of the sets.

I kind of felt like that guy in the movie Tin Cup who refuses to lay up on the last hole but instead just keeps swinging for the green. After the first set it was perfectly clear that I had nothing left. I figured I’d rest and give it a try again. Even worse result. The third was just as big of a disaster. I still want to try the 25’s again next week. Just on principle.


I had zero in me at this point. I couldn’t even get past the five minute warm up. That’s two weeks in a row not finishing these.


One response to “Belly Off 2008, week 7, day 1

  1. Something is better than nothing… it’s good to see you’re able to re-examine your workouts and the effort you’re putting in on a regular basis.

    How are you feeling about what you’re eating (other than holiday splurges)?

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