Swim workout

16 laps (+3 laps)

I’ve made a lot of progress but I’ve still got a long way to go.

I’ve got to get dowm the correct swimming terminology if I’m gonna keep writing about my swimming. I think a lap is when you go down and back to where you first started. A half lap is called a length. At least that’s what I think it is and that’s what I’m gonna call it from now on.

Today I did what I always do. Swim a length, rest a while and then swim another, rest, etc. I was again able to go the whole way without touching the bottom. I’m still having trouble swimming the whole way though. Sometimes I’m so tired that I just end up floating toward the end. I’m just strong enough now to get going again from a full stop.

I never knew swimming was so complicated. There’s basically three things you have to get right.

First is the arm motion. I’ve read that you’re supposed to get your elbow high out of the water. Then you swing your forearm and hand over. I’ve got the pull through under water down but I still forget to do the elbow part sometimes when I’m tired.  When that happens my stroke is pretty weak and I don’t go very far.

Second is the leg motion. I simply don’t have the ability to keep them going constantly throughout the workout. I get too tired. That’s the first problem. The other is that I’m still not getting the kick right. Lots of times I’m just kicking with my ankles and not really using my whole leg. The funny thing is if I did it right every time I’d be even more tired and that would cause more problems. I guess the only solution is to keep swimming and get better endurance.

Third is breathing. Currently I’m basically holding my breath for the first half of the length. This allows me to keep my head under water so I can go faster. Once I have to breath all hell breaks loose. I end up pulling my head up and swinging it around from left to right at least two times. I guess I should be able to just turn my face to the ceiling on one of my strokes but I just can’t get the hang of that yet. Sometimes I do it but I feel like I have to take another breath on the very next stroke so it kind of defeats the whole purpose.

All that being said, today was a pretty good workout and I made a lot of progress. I feel like I have a good idea of what I need to be doing and I made steps in that direction. That’s really all I can do.


3 responses to “Swim workout

  1. Your swimming adventures are making me want to take up swimming again.

  2. Try googling “total immersion freestyle video”. It really helped me understand the relationship between body movement and breathing when swimming. Reading your posts about breathing remind me of my “bad old days”.

  3. Try to roll your body a bit with each stroke and really reach your arm out in front of you when you put it in the water.

    So when you put your right arm into the water really reach it out far in front of you as you roll a bit onto your right side… and when you pull through the water with that hand pull it all the way down past your hip. Then do it on the left side.

    Try to feel long with each stroke.

    For the kicking, ask if your pool has flippers you could borrow to practice getting the motion of the leg, and you can build some lengths of just kicking with a flutter board to help.

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