Sunday weigh in

247.8 (+3.0 lbs)

That sucked.

The streak is over. I gained 3 pounds this week.

Workouts were the same as always. Two lifts and no cardio. My wife is trying hard to get me to get back to doing cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really should.

Other then eating more then I should I think the big problem this week was lack of sleep. All month I’ve been getting 8 or 9 hours. This week I got 5 or 6. If I get back to a normal schedule I think I’ll get back to where I was pretty soon.


One response to “Sunday weigh in

  1. Hey man,
    I’m not big on blogging or posting comments. I got 2 points…first I was scanning ur log and saw the one in april, ur 3rd year aniversary on the weight loss journey. I gotta say, if u have made lasting progress in 3 years, ur doing good. I’ve lost over 180 lbs in 11 years but only 60 lbs NET!!! So hope that helps you feel better. 2 change a life-long body shape will take years…u didn’t gain all that excess in 6 months did you?

    Second, I finally learned the real focal point- not that its really helped my results, but did wonders for my attitude- I realized its not so much weight but the RIGHT SIZE to aim for.For me especially, being a 5’4″ female. when I found out avg women the same size as me could weigh 10 lbs less, and professional body builders 10 pounds more with a smaller waist, it helped put my goals in perspective. (I tend 2 b hyperactive and find physically demanding jobs more satisfying. How did I get to 197 lbs -43% body fat- in the first place?driving job 12 hrs daily for 2 years) So I know it may be a little different being a guy…but maybe if not waist size then target a percent body fat, any gym trainer can measure u free at 24 hour fitness. Course you probably know all this stuff, but anyway ur stuff kinda inspired me to attempt being supportive. I myself aint finished at all, been on the last 20 lbs/4 inches for like 4 years now, so who am I 2 talk? Anyway, best wishes! ~Sheila S. 37 yrs, 5’4″,28.5 “waist, 29% fat 135 lbs

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