Sunday weigh in

248.0 (-0.8 lbs)

I just checked out my little dashboard here and it turns out this is my 1000th post. I really should have been done with this by now.

Didn’t accomplish much of anything this week. I only went for one lift and that was half hearted at best.

I’m thinking about getting back into running. Maybe a 5k or two. Something that will motivate me to actually put in a full week of working out.


7 responses to “Sunday weigh in

  1. All is not lost this week. Your commitment and tenacity inspires me. Sorry if I double posted something went weird.

    cheers and good luck to you

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  4. I know how it goes when you’re working out a lot; that boosted matabolism makes us wicked hungry when it’s all said and done. I work with Del Monte and right now we have these really great citris bowls and Sunfresh fruits that are a perfect healthy snack inbetween meals. We have a variety of fruit, like cinnamon spiced peaches and pears, and the best part is all of the fruit is pre-peeled 🙂 . Our websites also shares a few recipes that are useful for at home cooking, and if you want to check it out you can grab some coupons while you’re there! Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  5. You ever consider sprinting? Cardio increases stress hormones that actually make you gain weight. Skip rope is also good you would want to have short burst like 1 min on and 2 min off to get the burst of good healthy hormones and down play the bad fat storing ones. Remember also pre and post workout meals are very important. These will further push down the hormones that make you gain weight.

  6. Hi
    I used to do a lot of running. But my knees are really bad now and they swell up something chronic if I try to run.
    I did find running the best exercise for me though and since I have had to stop, my weight has shot up to over 85 kilos.
    Any ideas what a good exercise would be that could get similar results to running without the knees suffering?

    Thanks a lot

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