Still here

I’ve been hovering up and down the 250lb mark for the past two months. Exercise has been virtually non existent.

My wife, on the other hand, has been a workout machine. She puts in a good 5 or 6 days of working out every single week. I honestly feel that if she wasn’t so into the fitness thing right now I would probably weigh 280 or something. The good folks at McDonalds and Burger King still haven’t had my business for over 3 years now and they can thank her for that.

This is all to say that I have not fallen into some pit of dispair and gained back all the weight. I’ve got a partner who helps me stay accountable even when I’ve lost all my motivation to do any physical activity whatsoever.


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  1. If exercise isn’t your thing right now, focus more on food it you’re ready to shed some pounds. It can be as simple as increasing your fiber by 5 grams/day. It’s nice hearing how you and your wife care about your health enough.
    Amy w/ Full Plate Diet

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  4. Have you tried yerba mate as an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals? It´s also a superb appetite suppressant. If you decide to try it I´d definetely recommend you go organic.


  5. I came across your blog in hopes to find others who are trying to lose weight. I am also new to the WordPress community. I would like subscribe to your blog.
    Elizabeth K.

  6. Losing weight and staying fit is all about consistency and maintaining what you’ve got. Nothing beats that.

  7. Its a good thing you got a great partner to lift you up when your down specially on physical activities. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. its good to see you haven’t lost focus and stayed the right side of the weight your after. and it always helps to have a partner to help you

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  11. all cheers to your wife for backing you up…try loosing much weight and get health conscious..

  12. Keep up the good work and the results will be there 🙂 I’ve lost more then 100 pounds. It woasn’t easy or quick but it hapened. Good luck!

  13. hello friend congratulation you did a great work

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  15. I’ve always been a McDonald’s fan and it’s just so hard to resist. You are definitely lucky and blessed to have a partner like your wife. You might also want to encourage her to join you to be part of a forum about slow carb recipes I’ve also recently joined. Every one there is so friendly and generous with sharing great ideas that might also help you resist food temptations.

  16. Looking at the brighter side of things, you’re definitely lucky to have a wife like yours. Such a blessing!

  17. i m totally agree with “Amy Hanus” you should concentrate on food and your diet.

  18. Kudos to all your efforts, persistence and sharing your experience to improve your wellness.

  19. If exercise is not your cup of tea, then pay close attention to your diet.
    Do not stop eating or reduce food any way, each fat free fool, lots of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water.

    That’s more than enough…

  20. Thank you for taking this on! I don’t think I totally qualify, but I’ll give you mine. I’ve run 3 marathons and 5 halves since 2004. I adore running and usually weigh 165lbs when I’ve run my races. I went to my insurance about 3 years ago asking to race my life insurance for my family. Everything checked out with them (i.e. never smoked, no drugs, drink a handful of times a year, exercise, floss, wear my seatbelt, etc.). The agent was impressed by my running and even said that they could never imagine running a marathon. Everything looked great until they asked my weight. “I weigh 165lbs.” They looked shocked and proceeded to tell me that my new life insurance rate would more than DOUBLE each month if I didn’t lose at least 20lbs. I was VERY UPSET when I left their office. Sure, I was fit. They then proceeded to tell me that I am fat. I have until age 45 to get down to 140lbs to lock in the rate they quoted. I’m still angry about the whole thing. Yes, I am trying to lose the weight to increase my life insurance for my family. However, I’m doing it mostly for me. I wish what you are doing could change how insurance is handled. I’d love to be able to go back into their office and show them that I’m not a couch potato. I’ve had several family members die from morbid obesity & Type II Diabetes. I WILL NOT be following their example. I hope your report opens the eyes of the insurance industry. They have had on blinders for a LONG time

  21. I know how it goes when you’re working out a lot; that boosted matabolism makes us wicked hungry when it’s all said and done. I work with Del Monte and right now we have these really great citris bowls and Sunfresh fruits that are a perfect healthy snack inbetween meals. We have a variety of fruit, like cinnamon spiced peaches and pears, and the best part is all of the fruit is pre-peeled 🙂 . Our websites also shares a few recipes that are useful for at home cooking, and if you want to check it out you can grab some coupons while you’re there! Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  22. Great blog, hope the weight loss journey is still going well!

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  27. Hii not only proper exercise take proper diet also which is low in fats and proteins, because it will leads again to weight gain. Losing weight is not an easy thing. Try to take some health weight loss supplements. It will definitely helps you. Good luck to you Both.

  28. Weight loss takes time, but can be easy with the proper motivations and knowledge. Stop clinging onto “fads” its a simple math!!! Consume LESS! If your hovering at the same weight, you must not be documenting what you are eating calorie wise, and or water is VERY HEAVY it is summer which you been drinking more of I HOPE. Scales are useless, check your bodyfat % biweekly, that is where the real fun is. 1

  29. My personal feeling after a meal every day walking to lose weight, adhere to drink Chinese tea can also help. Change the next day, the best way of regular exercise, weight loss is the subtle long-term. Good luck!

  30. Good post. I too have the hopeless, “why cant I do this” feeling after eating unhealthy! With one bad choice, I FEEL extra fat on my body. I completelty agree about the organic food choices. I too would love to venture in that direction but just cannot possibly see my grocery bill go up anymore. Maybe later. I will however view a few adds to hopefully make groceries a little easier for you!!

  31. You really have to be thankful for your wife 🙂 When one’s partner is particular about fitness, it sort of creates a pressure on the other to keep it up! (Too bad my partner is not really into exercising right now.) I think it’s normal for everyone who are on the path to lose weight to have no motivation at some point. Exercising requires perseverance and sometimes we just wish to take a break! I hope you find your mojo back!

  32. You know, you can try acupuncture for better weight loss. I am sure they offer it in your area and it is not such a big deal to start it up and yet you will see many benefits from it fairly soon. Check it out and give it a thought!

  33. Awesome job on staying away from the McDonald’s and BK. I have found that the more processing food goes through, even “diet” foods the harder it is to loose weight. I try to eat as much organic as well. I am now able to cycle despite a knee injury thanks to joint juice, and that has really helped to keep the weight down.

  34. ya stay away from the fast food is a great first step.

  35. Sorry for my bad english:)

    Most of the problem of genetics, but if you pay attention to diet can be a problem to solve.
    Here’s a recipe for athletes and students and all those missing a lot of energy
    After this drink is not necessary to eat

    oatmeal soup- x3 soup spoon
    flax seeds (omega 3!) – x1 soup spoon
    raw wheat germ – x3 soup spoon
    milk without the fat – 0.08 gallons (USA) or 3dcl (Europe)
    banana – x1
    grape sugar – x1 soup spoon

    put everything in a blender and drink in the morning, so you will have energy all day

  36. Get yourself informed about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or as we know it, hCG. It’s a great weight loss supplement if used under hcg diet.

  37. well,, yoga and a good balance diet will help you to stay fit, there are many ways but,, maintaining routine life and this activities together is bit tough.

    regards –

  38. Losing 1 pound a week also uphill task for the people who have less will power.The desire should be burning.Never crave things that come as hurdles on your path to the goal.Let

    us put a stiff target to become lighter by some ideal percentage of our weight by this new year and let us start today.Nice blog here to help us in our dream come true.

  39. Great blog mate! Thnx for sharing your personal experience.Helps us alot

  40. I am really thankful to you. I am always reading your articles. It amazing and also improve result in my day to day life. Thanks for sharing such a great tips.

  41. Congratulations for staying away from McDonalds and Burger King for three years. That is a great record. Those places can sabotage a week’s worth of good efforts in one meal. I can tell you are thankful for your wife’s drive and support.

  42. It sounds like you have all the help you need with your partner, take inspiration from her motivation to get to where you want to be. No one ever said losing weight is easy it takes determination and lots of will power. Once you start to see results it should be easier to keep going. Getting up and taking action is half the battle. Good luck!

  43. You are very lucky to have a very determined and focused wife. I agree with you when you said that she contributed a lot in your weight loss. I hope by this time both you and your wife have reached your target weight and keeping at it. 🙂
    ‘Would love to hear your update soon. 🙂

  44. Your all articles are always help us to cure our health. we are always ready to here from you. thanks for such a great articles.

  45. keep it up just don’t give up!

  46. Try to engage in sports such as basketball, even once a week will do, it worked for me,


  47. Just try and try until you succeed. If you will try to take advantage of your situation, you can also get the motivation that you need. Try talking to others who have had experiences like yours.

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