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Swim workout

24 laps

We are kicking ass in the pool.

Today we did 100 yard swims four times! That’s two full laps without stopping – four times! Yeah, I’m pretty impressed.

It’s still super hard but I feel a lot better knowing it’s possible. My swim plan calls for four 100 yd swims but with only a few seconds of rest in between. Unfortunately, it took about a minute to rest between each one of these. I’ll stick to this plan until I can get those rest periods down.

After those 8 laps I did 7 single laps. Then I did 10 lengths going as fast as I could on each one. Finished up with 4 cool down laps.


Swim workout

24 laps

I just realized that my swimming plan only calls for 14 laps in week 1. Oops. I guess I’ll be really prepared.

Today I managed to do TWO 100 yd swims! Two whole laps without stopping! Pretty damn sweet if you ask me. I couldn’t get four which is my current goal so I guess I’ll just have to keep chugging along. Once I hit that mark I’ll start my plan in earnest.

After the first four laps I did 10 single laps. Then I did twelve 25 yd sprints as fast as I could. I finished up with 4 cool down laps.

My future workout plans

It’s time to start a new fitness plan.

On the weight lifting front I’m going with Chad Waterbury’s “Huge in a Hurry” I’ll admit that the title might sound counter productive to what I’m trying to accomplish. In his book even he doubts that anyone trying to lose weight would pick up a book with that title. What can I say? I’ve always been a maverick.

I don’t care. I’m at the point now where I realize that any weight lifting plan will work for fat loss. The biggest factor is diet. If you don’t eat enough then you won’t get huge. If you eat too much, though, you definitely will.

I chose this book mainly because I wanted to buy a weight lifting book. There’s just something about having one of those sitting on my table beside my couch. It’s a constant reminder that I need to stay in the gym. I looked around at all the ones that are currently out there, saw his name, recognized it and bought it.

The book is pretty much a mirror of the NROL plan in that it starts with a break in phase and you follow it with either a strength, hypertrophy or weight loss phase.

There is a difference in the rep scheme, though. Instead of a set number for each set this book calls for something called “loads.” In my other plans I might have three sets of 10 for example. Here I’ll have a day where the load is 10-12. I have to pick a weight that I can only lift that much. The entire lift will have a designated rep number. Say, 25 for example. In this case I might do 10, 10, 5 or I could even end up doing 10, 7, 5, 3. The sets after the first one aren’t really important. What’s important is that I do the total number of reps.

I really like this idea. Basically, you stop when you do your first bad rep. In the past, if I couldn’t get all the reps in a set I would just stop and call it a day. In this plan I’ll stop, rest a little and go back to work.

On the cardio front, I’m going to stick with swimming. I’m not ready to begin yet but I’m going to try “Zero to 1650.” The plan is to swim a “swimmer’s” mile.

It’s a six week plan but there’s no way I can do this in six weeks. The first week calls for four 100 yd swims. I just celebrated my first 50 yd swims the other day so I’m not even ready to start yet. I’m going to keep at it, though, until I’m able to do those 100 yarders.  I hope I’m ready to go in a few weeks but I’m in no hurry to rush. I’ll get there and I’ll get this one done just like I got all the other ones done.

Swim workout

24 laps.

Big progress today. I did 24 LAPS. Still can’t believe it.

I swam to the wall, tapped it and turned around.

I hope to get to the point where I can do two laps at once. That’s when I’ll be prepared to start my new swim program.

Swim workout

24 laps (700 yds)

Big milestone today. I got 24 laps in. That’s big because I’m gonna start a program soon that should help me swim a “swimmers” mile. It’s basically gonna be a Couch to 5K in the water.

The first week calls for a grand total of 24 laps. Unfortunately, it also calls for quite a few 100 yd swims and I’m still a 25 yd kind of guy. I got 24 laps, though, so I’m getting there. I’m gonna stay at this length for a while and try to get to the point where I’m able to tap the wall and immediately turn around.

As for today, I’m not gonna lie. It was crazy hard. It ended up taking me a solid hour. The idea that I’ll be able to swim for a mile (33 laps) seems impossible right now but it’s really something I want to focus on. I see other people in the pool go lap after lap without stopping and I want to be like that.

I’ve accomplished so much over the past few years that I really believe that even something as crazy as this is possible. It’s just a matter of time. I know that if I put in the time and effort I can get it done.

Belly Off 2008, week 8, Saturday challenge

Belly Off 2008 is done!

Unfortunately, I still have a belly so the project wasn’t as successful as you would imagine if you just read the title. Nevertheless, I”m OK with the progress I made.

I actually gained five pounds over the course of the program but I had two holidays thrown in there. That’s almost exactly what I gained over the same period of time last year. (You can take that for what it’s worth).

Today I did things a little different. I ran a half mile warm up lap and then did my bike intervals. After that I did the Power of 10 workouts twice for 30 seconds each. Then I finished with another half mile jog.

My final push up total was two sets of 15 each.

I made a lot of progress. On the first Saturday I did the Power of 10 once for 30 seconds and then managed a grand total of 5 pushups. I thought I was gonna die. If I went back and tried that workout today I bet I wouldn’t even break a sweat.

Swim workout

20 laps

I’m getting a lot better.  I’m at the point where I can get all the way through a length without much trouble. I’ve still got problems figuring out the breathing part right but everything else is coming along nicely.

Today was the first day that the pool was full of people. My wife and I had to share a lane.  I swam across the pool and waited for her. When she got to me I went back. My breaks were a lot shorter as a result so I feel like I got a much better workout.