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Sunday weigh in

247.2 (-0.8 lbs)

Started off the week really good with a lift on Monday a run on Tuesday and another lift on Wednesday. The problem was that this was it for the week.

I’ve noticed that I usually eat a lot more on the days that I do workout so the whole thing is pretty counter productive.

If nothing else, I’ve learned that I’m pretty good at maintaining. No matter how much or little I workout I’m usually good at staying around 250 pounds.


Sunday weigh in

248.0 (-0.8 lbs)

I just checked out my little dashboard here and it turns out this is my 1000th post. I really should have been done with this by now.

Didn’t accomplish much of anything this week. I only went for one lift and that was half hearted at best.

I’m thinking about getting back into running. Maybe a 5k or two. Something that will motivate me to actually put in a full week of working out.

Sunday weigh in

248.8 (-0.2 lbs)

Zero exercise of any kind this week.

My weight was really weird this time. For some reason I weighed 245 almost every day and even hit 244 on Thursday. On Friday I went out of town for 24 hours. After eating out three times this is the result.

In the end I guess I got what I deserved.

Sunday weigh in

249.0 (+1.2 lbs)

This week I lifted two days as usual. In addition I spent two days playing tennis.

Even with the extra workouts I still managed to gain weight. I guess that proves that I eat more than I need when I workout more.

I had no idea how hard this would be at this point. Losing these last 50 pounds is going to be MUCH harder then losing the first 100. It’s been well over a year since I first lost 100 pounds. The fact that I’ve kept that off is something that I’m proud of. The fact that haven’t lost any additional weight is still frustrating though. There’s not much joy in maintaining when I’ve still got so far to go.

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve got to either get back to six days of working out a week or clamp down hard on my diet. Or some combination of the two. Otherwise, I’m going to continue to be frustrated every Sunday.

Sunday weigh in

247.8 (+3.0 lbs)

That sucked.

The streak is over. I gained 3 pounds this week.

Workouts were the same as always. Two lifts and no cardio. My wife is trying hard to get me to get back to doing cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really should.

Other then eating more then I should I think the big problem this week was lack of sleep. All month I’ve been getting 8 or 9 hours. This week I got 5 or 6. If I get back to a normal schedule I think I’ll get back to where I was pretty soon.

Sunday weigh in

244.8 (-1.4 lbs)

Two lifts and no cardio this week.

I haven’t done a full 6 day workout week all month. Even so I lost five months along the way.

Sunday weigh in

246.2  (-1.2 lb)

Workouts were still rare this week. Two lifts and zero cardio. Mondays lift involved 20 rep sets of squats. I was extremely sore until Thursday when I gritted my teeth and hit the weights again.

I guess this is proof that you can still lose weight with basically diet alone.

Hard to be disappointed with anything really. I’ve been consistently losing weight for a while now. I am at the lowest weight I’ve been at since October. Maybe my days in the 250’s are over? We’ll see. If I can get into the low 240’s sometime soon I’ll be really happy.