Sunday weigh in

246.2  (-1.2 lb)

Workouts were still rare this week. Two lifts and zero cardio. Mondays lift involved 20 rep sets of squats. I was extremely sore until Thursday when I gritted my teeth and hit the weights again.

I guess this is proof that you can still lose weight with basically diet alone.

Hard to be disappointed with anything really. I’ve been consistently losing weight for a while now. I am at the lowest weight I’ve been at since October. Maybe my days in the 250’s are over? We’ll see. If I can get into the low 240’s sometime soon I’ll be really happy.


Sunday weigh in

247.4 (-2.8lbs)

Workouts are still hit or miss. I lifted twice and went swimming once.

It’s extremely difficult to get motivated to go to the gym. I’m at the point now where I feel pretty good about how I look. I realize that I can still afford to lose at least 30 pounds but it’s just not enough to fire me up.

Back in the day I was miserable about my appearance and that really got me out of bed in the morning. Now, well, not so much. Three years of obsessing about something will do that to you. Now it just feels like nitpicking. If my current weight is as low as it goes then I’ll be OK.

I’ve accomplished the vast majority of what I want. I can walk into any department store in America and know that my size will be sitting on the rack. I can walk outside in the summer and know that my shirt won’t be drenched with sweat. I can sit in my chair and know that my breathing won’t be labored. I don’t feel self conscious when I’m in a group of people. I’ve stopped the annoying habit of readjusting my shirt every five minutes. I could go on and on but you get the point. Losing 100 pounds eliminated 99% of the problems I had associated with my weight.

I’m not sure how to snap out of this. I’d like to get back to lifting three days a week with some cardio in between. Now that it’s warming up I might get back into running. Maybe another race would give me a reason to stick to a schedule. I’m not going to quit this thing altogether so I’ve got to figure something out.

Sunday weigh in

250.2 (-5.4 lbs)

Absolutely no workouts since I got home. I had one of my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago. Because of all the pills I had to take the dentist expressly forbid me from working out.

I hope to get back to the gym this week and get back into the 240’s by next Sunday.

I’m still around

Been a while since we talked….. I’ve got a couple of things to say.

1) April 1st was my three year anniversary of trying to lose weight. When I started this blog I really thought I would be done with it by now. The intention was to blog my way to 200 or whatever and let this thing die. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. I got a little sick of blogging after my last post so I just took some time off. In retrospect it was a good idea. I’m much more negative in my writing here then I am in real life.

2)  I went to the gym the same as usual the past two months. I made another attempt at Starting Strength which once again failed miserably. It turns out that the only time I’m actually able to get serious about cutting calories is when that’s the worst possible idea. Like an idiot, I tried to get stronger and eat less. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually give that program a fair shake. Eventually I went back to HIAH.

3) I’m actually a little lighter since my last post.I weighed 251 this morning but that’s immediately after getting back from a week long vacation. I should be back in the 240’s like I was last week pretty soon.

4) About that vacation. I went skiing in Colorado! I’m actually the kind of person who goes on those kind of vacations now. Three years ago I would have thought that was the dumbest idea ever but now I’m fit enough to enjoy it. I spent most of my time learning to snowboard. It was incredibly difficult but still a lot of fun. My wife and I are committed to going back next winter.


I don’t know what I’m going to do about this blog from this point on. I know that I spend too much time going into too much detail on each individual workout. It makes me miserable to think about having to post something sometimes. It was starting to feel like work.

I think I’ll definitely get back to the weekly weigh ins and at least a summary of what I did fitness wise. As for the rest of it … who knows.

HIAH, Get Ready, workout 2A

I feel like I just got beat up.

My legs and shoulders were really sore from the last two days of lifting and swimming before I even walked into the gym yesterday. I’m even worse for wear today. There is no question that I need to take the weekend off.

Even with the soreness, I still feel like I gave my all on this one.

Here are the numbers.

Cable Standing Mid-Pulley Row (130×7, 175×6, 205×7, 220×5)

I found a pulley with a bigger weight stack. The first two were still pretty easy. The last two sets gave me some balance issues. I can move the weight but I can’t stand perfectly still. I have to rock back to keep from going forward. I wonder if I’m doing these right. Maybe I should go back down to 200 lbs or so.

Dips (2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1)

This might have been the toughest lift ever. I still can’t believe I managed to do 25 dips. I remember back in high school I couldn’t even do one. That was back when I weighed 235. I guess I’m a lot fitter now then I ever was.

I had to do a little grunting and even some screaming to get some of those two reps sets. That second one was ALWAYS tough.

The toughest part was doing these with 45 second rest periods. Even with that it still took me damn near 30 minutes. Nevertheless, I did it and I’m pretty damn proud of that.

Dumbbell split squat (50×6, 50×4, 50×6, 50×4, 50×3, 50×2)

I actually did these right this time. They were tough. I think the hardest part is figuring out when to stop. At some points I almost fall over. When I’m doing my second leg I know I have to match the previous leg and that can be quite an adventure.

Swim workout

24 laps

We are kicking ass in the pool.

Today we did 100 yard swims four times! That’s two full laps without stopping – four times! Yeah, I’m pretty impressed.

It’s still super hard but I feel a lot better knowing it’s possible. My swim plan calls for four 100 yd swims but with only a few seconds of rest in between. Unfortunately, it took about a minute to rest between each one of these. I’ll stick to this plan until I can get those rest periods down.

After those 8 laps I did 7 single laps. Then I did 10 lengths going as fast as I could on each one. Finished up with 4 cool down laps.

HIAH, Get Ready, workout 1C

The weather was bad so we went to the gym that’s closer to our house. It’s certainly not as nice as our gym in the suburbs but it’s still a nice change of pace.

When I first looked at this workout I thought it would be the quickest. In theory I could finish all three  lifts in two and a half sets. My wife is doing NROL for women so she had five lifts. I thought I’d be waiting for her to finish. It didn’t turn out that way. She ended up having to wait a good ten minutes for me. This was the longest lift of the week. I spent at least an hour in the gym.

Here are the numbers.

Cable standing low pulley row with rope attachment (100 x 23, 110 x 12, 110 x 12, 110 x 3)

I suck at finding things in the gym. I tore the gym apart looking for that rope attachment. Went through every box and stalked around every machine. I ended up using some straps that serve basically the same function. As you might expect, as soon as I finished I found the rope hanging at eye level from a pulley machine.

Pushup (20, 4, 6, 8, 6, 6)

Twenty pushups is still no joke to me. Once I got that first set I felt like my arms were done. The rest period seemed like it flew by. I pretty much had to just tough it out from there. It took me five sets to get the last 30 but I’m pretty happy that I got it done.

Squats (135 x6, 135 x 10, 135 x 10, 135 x8, 135 x 8, 135 x4, 135 x 4)

I didn’t do this right the first time and I ended up paying the price. You’re supposed to do 20 in your first set. I don’t know why I stopped at 6. I guess I had visions of past back pain in my head. I got two sets of 10 immediately afterwards so I know I could at least do that much. It’s just mental. I’m gonna have to get past this.

Since I didn’t do 20 I ended up having to figure out a way to get 44 more reps in. I soldiered on even when my legs felt like jelly. To add insult to injury, the locker room in my gym is upstairs so I had to do the old man walk up there to get changed.