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Waist to hip ratio update #2

Two months ago I started measuring my waist to hip ratio. Last month I checked again and discovered I had lost an inch around my stomach. Today I checked again and I have lost another inch! This has all happened without losing a single pound. Crazy.

New measurements.

40 waist/42 hip

New ratio = 0.95

Two more inches off my stomach and I’ll be in the fit range.


Shopping with normal people

It’s still weird to go shopping in normal person stores. I haven’t set foot in a “Big and Tall” store in over a year. I still get junk mail from those places occasionally but I guess they didn’t get the memo. It’s kind of funny but also kind of sad. It’s a reminder that I used to be really, really, really fat. Now I’m just regular fat.

People always talk about holding off on buying new stuff until you reach the size you want to be but that doesn’t work for me. There comes a point where you just look ridiculous. When your shirt’s too big you look fatter then you are. Not acceptable.

Polo’s came a few weeks ago. Today I went and bought the button downs. I’m down to a 17 inch neck, size XL now. The crazy thing is that this was the size I saw most often. I literally had my pick of any shirt I wanted. It’s like I’m an average sized guy or something.

Waist to hip ratio update

Last month I did my waist to hip measurements. Basically you take your measurement around your stomach at the belly button and divide that by the measurement of your hips. 0.92 is supposed to be healthy. My ratio was 1.

Today I checked again and found out I lost an inch in my stomach.

New numbers – 41 waist/ 42 hip

New Ratio = 0.98

0.92 here I come!

P.S. What I consider to be my actual waist is now 38 inches. That’s a full inch smaller too.

More fat loss means new clothes

I bought a ton of 1X shirts yesterday. I’ve been wearing 1X white T-shirts for a long time but I finally bit the bullet and got a bunch of polo’s and other pullovers.

My 2X’s were getting rediculous. It looked like I was wearing a tent. Feels good to have shirts that fit again.

This is a really weird step for me. I’ve worn 2X and over ever since I was in high school. Even weirder is the fact that I’ve still got a lot of weight to lose. One day soon I’m going to buy a size L shirt. That just blows my mind.

My size 35 jeans are getting loose as well. I don’t really know where I’ll end up on those but I think I’d like to at least get down to a 32 waist. I might go look for some 34’s in a month or so.

Waist to hip ratio

Interesting article at Men’s Health about waist to hip ratio.

I’m always on the look out for things like this so I can measure progress somewhere other then the scale. The gist of the article is that you measure your stomach at the belly button and divide that number by the size of your hips.

0.92 or lower is ideal.

My waist at the belly button is 42 inches. My hips are 42 inches. After a lot of complicated math that I won’t bore you with, I figured out that my ratio is 1. If I lost 4 inches on my stomach I’d be able to hit that ideal mark.


After watching a bunch of episodes of X-weighted on the Discovery Health channel the wife and I decided to take out the tape measure and take our measurements. As for her measurements, I’m sworn to secrecy under penalty of death. I promised to take my knowledge of those numbers to my grave and I will.

As for my numbers, well, I’m a little bummed out. They are depressingly similar to what they were the last time I checked a little less then a year ago. This is weird. I’ve always heard that you’re not supposed to pay attention to the scale but instead to the tape measure. Somethings up. I’m 30 pounds lighter. I think it’s undeniable that I look 100% better today then I did a year ago with these same measurements! Do I have some kind of reverse body dismorphia? Am I fatter then I think I am?

Last time I took these measurements by myself. Maybe I pulled a little too tight for the best results. My wife took them this time so maybe she wasn’t as generous.

Whatever. Here they are.

Chest – 46 inches

Stomach (around belly button) – 42 inches

Waist – 39 inches

New clothes

I went shopping last week and bought two pair of pants and a belt. The final bill was $200. My mouth kind of hit the floor but that’s what you get when you actually pick out what you like instead of just picking the first thing that comes in your size.

My slacks have a 36 inch waist. My jeans have a 35 inch waist!

I also finally bit the bullet and ordered a ton of 1x shirts. The 2x’s are too big now and it’s time to move on.