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Afterburn, week 16, day 5


The final run was tough but I’m not going to complain.

I finally finished Afterburn. It took 10 months, but I got it done. This was a huge challenge for me. I’m really proud to have stuck it out.



Afterburn, week 16, day 4

Today is my birthday.

What better way to celebrate then to have another grueling run?

Ugh …. Only 1 more of these to go. I can’t wait.


Afterburn, week 16, day 3

It’s getting harder to keep going. I’m mentally and physically exhausted.

Less then a week to go. That break can’t come soon enough.


Afterburn, week 16, day 2

The weather today was horrible. There was ice and sleet on the ground so the sidewalks were absolutely useless. You literally couldn’t walk on them. They were like sheets of ice. Anyone who got on them immediately fell on their backside. Everyone had to walk in the middle of the street.  

After negotiating my walk to the gym I was forced to get back on the treadmill. I gotta say that I feel like I’ve hit a wall.

Every day I go to the gym is just going through the motions. Every day I’ve got to think up something to motivate myself. I’m tired of Afterburn and I’m tired of my lifting plan. The only thing keeping me from going crazy is the fact that if I stay on schedule I’ll have both completed by next Wednesday. I can finish my last four lifts on Wednesday, Friday, Monday and Wednesday. I’ll fit in my final three runs on Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday. One week really. That’s all I have to get through.

Finishing both of these plans is huge for me. I’ve set some good goals and I want to see them done. I’m almost there!  I’ve just got to tough things out. Some time off starting next week is going to do wonders for my spirit and energy. I could use a nice recharge. From my past experience I know that I’ll be itching to get back on schedule in no time.

Today’s run was decent. I got on my old treadmill and things went back to normal breathing wise. Nothing really to report. I got short of breath for about a minute on my final jog and strangely on the first few minutes of my cooldown walk. Those things happen every time though. I really don’t know why.

While my breathing was good the rest of me felt rough. My ankles were acting up and I had some pain in my stomach. Just the normal running aches though. I should be used to them by now.


Afterburn, week 16, day 1

I’m finally on the final week. This is exciting stuff!

I didn’t have any chest pains today but I’m still going to see the heart doc that the regular doctor told me to go to. Unfortunately he can’t see me for a few weeks so I guess I’ll just have to wait it out. That sucks but what can you do? Like I said all along, it’s not that big of a deal but I do feel a little better knowing that I’m gonna get it looked at eventually.

The main concern to me today was that I couldn’t use my normal treadmill. Sometimes I think that I’m a little OCD. My wife is 100% positive that I am. I use the same treadmill every single day. It’s always open on weekdays because there are never more than 3 or 4 people among 30-40 machines. I’ve been pretty lucky on Saturdays in that 99% of the time it’s open even though there are a lot more people there. I’ve had more then one occasion on Saturday to find that virtually every other treadmill except mine was in use. Today wasn’t that day. Today there was a woman using “my” treadmill. There were plenty available but she just randomly decided to use mine. What the hell? I’m a little disturbed at how bothered I was by this.

I had no choice but to choose another (lesser) treadmill to do my run. It worked out better then I expected. I imagine that every other one other then mine is completely worthless. I had a few experiments early on with different ones and every one always had some problem or the other. I got lucky and this one worked out OK. The odd thing was that this run felt much more difficult than any of the previous ones. I wonder if that’s mental or if there is a real difference in the work you have to do on each treadmill. Guess I’ll never know. Tuesday my old treadmill should be mine again and I can forget this whole uncomfortable incident.


Afterburn, week 15, day 5

One more week to go!

I finished the last run of week 15 today and it was pretty painful. My legs are still incredibly sore from the squats earlier in the week. Running probably isn’t helping matters.

I had chest pains again and again they lasted for maybe a minute while I was jogging. It scares me a little bit. The problem is that they aren’t THAT painful. If they were I would stop right away. They are more of a minor annoyance. I just get spooked because I’m worrying they might mean something is up.  If they were anywhere else I would just ignore them. I’ve got to see a doctor about this one of these days. I don’t want to have a freaking heart attack on the treadmill.


Afterburn, week 15, day 4

Tough run.

I didn’t think I would have this much trouble after so many good runs but today was rough. I had chest pain during the second run but it went away during the second jog. Afterwards I just felt really tired. I think a lot of it had to do with all the squats yesterday. My legs were really sore.

One more left in this week. Then it’s only one more week after that. Hopefully the next run will be better. Doesn’t matter though. I only have 6 more to go. I must finish this thing.