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NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 3B

Really good lift today. I had some back pain but I managed to fight through it for the most part.

Here are the numbers.

Deadlift – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

(Kept the same weight even though I dropped from 15 to 12 reps. This was to keep my back from acting up. I was a little sore but managed to do all the lifts. An interesting thing happened when I did these. I noticed the vein in my arm that extends from the back of my hand to the crook of my elbow. It was POPPING out. The first time I noticed this might have been the most awesome moment in my entire gym going life. It’s still showing somewhat even 5 hours later. My wife even commented on it. I can’t stop staring.

More evidence of losing weight in stupid places, I guess. Still AWESOME, but come on. I’m losing weight in my forearms now?)

Dumbbell incline bench press – 12×45, 12×50, 10×50

(Felt like I needed to bump up the weight here to make some sort of progress. My right shoulder started popping in the middle of these. What is that about? Couldn’t finished that last set. I hit the wall.)

Bulgarian split squat – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(Still doing these with just body weight because I don’t want to hate life right now. I need to suck it up and get something. Maybe I’ll swallow my pride one day and grab some 5’s or 10s.)

Mixed grip lat pulldown – 12×135, 12×135, 10×135

(Hit the wall here too. Couldn’t get that last set done. Sucks because I ended up doing one side more then the other. Very annoying.)

Romanian deadlift – 12×65, 12×65, 12×65

(If I ever deserved a pat on the head it was right here. First I put 10’s on the bar. I know – miraculous. The very first rep gave me the same old back pain. Instead of bailing, I tightened my abs as hard as I could and went back for more. Every rep from then on was much better. I don’t know. Sometimes I think the whole back thing might be in my head. When I commit to doing it, come hell or high water, I usually get it done. For a while anyway. Then I get stupid, add too much weight, and hurt myself again.)

Swiss ball lateral roll – 12×15, 12×15, 12×15

(These are still stupid and I’ll probably never know if I’m doing them right.)


NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 3A

The reps dropped down to 12 today and that made things a lot more manageable. Still had some back troubles on squats but otherwise on OK lift.

Here are the numbers. 

Squat – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

( Finally moved up to a reasonable weight today. After a ton of stretching I figured I should take my chances. Felt a little tweak in my back on every one but it wasn’t the normal shooting pain so I stuck it out. I’m doing good right now so it was probably for the best. Considered bailing on the last set but luckily I gritted my teeth and stuck it out. I don’t remember if I’ve done all three sets of these since I started back lifting.

My form was half assed at times. I’m not happy with it at all. I’m gonna stick with 135 for the forseeable future until I can get these right.

One thing that was weird was that my left tricep was really sore. This made it difficult to get under the bar. Never had that happen before. Don’t know what that was about.)

Cable seated row – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

(Nothing to report. Felt a little pain in my tricep here.)

Supine hip extension – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(No problems.)

Dumbbell push press – 12×35, 12×35, 12×35

(Little bit of a struggle here but I think I should move up to the 40’s soon.) 

Rotational lunge – 12×20, 12×20, 12×20

(These went from impossible to only hard as hell with the drop in reps. I should be better at these by now.)

Swiss ball crunch – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(No issues.)

NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 2B

Miracle of miracles. I finished every lift today.

I had a little pain here and there but I pushed through and finally finished the last of my 15 rep sets for a while.

Here are the numbers.

Deadlift – 15×135, 15×135, 15×135

(I kept banging my right shin with the bar but other then that I did alright. Worried a little about that last set but I managed to push through some soreness to get it done.)

Dumbbell incline bench press – 15×35, 15×40, 15×40

(The 35’s were too easy so I bumped up to 40 on the second set. Honestly it wasn’t too difficult but I’m trying not to kill myself too early. The last set was a real struggle. I went the whole time without any shoulder popping or pain so I’ll consider this one a win.)

Bulgarian split squat – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(Doing body weight makes these a lot better on my knees. I feel like I’m actually learning how to do these things correctly for the first time ever. I was able to drop my back leg almost to the ground every time. By the time I got to the last set I was dead tired and had to take little mini breaks.)

Mixed grip lat pulldown – 15×120, 15×120, 15×120

(Awkward. It’s harder to do this one with my right hand in chin up position. Not sure why. Since I’m right handed you’d think it would be easier for me.)

Romanian deadlift – 15×45, 15×45, 15×45

(I tried 95 again and again I had no chance. Broke it down to the bar afterwards. I had to grit my teeth but I got these done too. My back shouldn’t hurt here but it does.)

Swiss ball lateral roll – 15×15, 15×15, 15×15

(These felt really awkward for some reason. I’m not sure I do these right. My hamstrings and backside are doing most of the work.)

NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 2A

There was a time last week when I seriously considered quitting the gym. I was hurting from my two lifting days and I wanted it to stop. I kept telling myself that I was going to concentrate on running since I love it so much now.

That was garbage and I finally snapped out of it. I’m still excited about my new running plan but it’s new and I know it will get old soon. I’ll hate it and have nothing to fall back on. Besides, why would I stop lifting now when that’s what got me here in the first place? I’m almost where I want to be!

I don’t know what got into me.

Today’s lift went OK. I sweated a lot and my muscles are burning. I’m hoping the next few days aren’t too rediculously painful. I’ll definitely be smart this time and hold off the next lift to Thursday or even Friday if I have to.

Here are the numbers. 

Squat – 15×115, 15×115, no lift

(Squatting 95 pounds last week was stupid. I immediately added ten pounds to each side of the bar today and convinced myself that I could do it. The first set was tough but I got through it OK. During the second set I kept thinking that I wanted to quit. I was more than a little pissed off at myself for having these feelings. Finally, I kept telling myself to just do one more. Eventually I got them all. On the last lift I felt my back hurting on the descent of the first rep so I racked it.

That’s my new philosophy. If it hurts, stop doing it. I expect my MENSA card should be in the mail any day now.)

Cable seated row – 15×120, 15×120, 15×120

(My back and forearms are on fire right now so I assume these did the job. Tough.)

Supine hip extension – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(I expect to have buns of steel one day from doing these things. It’s a little embarrassing how much I have to strain to do them. All I’m doing is lifting my butt off the ground!.)

Dumbbell push press – 15×30, 15×30, 15×30

(Stuck with the 30’s because I was pretty tired at this point.) 

Rotational lunge – 15×15, 15×15, 15×15

(The fact that I finished that last set is a minor miracle. It’s a testament to how stubborn I can be when I want to. I wanted to quit so bad but I didn’t. These things are a thousand times harder when you actually bring your back knee to the ground. I remember thinking about the first day I did lunges almost two years ago. Those were half lunges compared to what I do now. I couldn’t do 8 in a row. I felt like I was going to faint after 4 or 5. I’ve come a long way.)

Swiss ball crunch – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(I’m still puzzled as to why these are so difficult. I can only assume that I’m using my abs on some other excercise. I know I used them on squats but what else? The lunges? I’m sure I also use them on the hip extensions, too. For whatever reason, I just hit a wall during every set and I have to fight to finish.)

NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 1B

Going to the gym today was probably a bad idea.

I’m still incredibly sore from Monday’s lift. Today was much worse then yesterday. My legs are burning. Lifting when you’re really sore sucks and my numbers today show it. I flat out ran out of gas at the end. I couldn’t keep going. If I feel like this on Friday I’m going to push the next lift back a day.

Here are today’s numbers.

Deadlift – 15×135, 15×135, 3×135

(This was the lift that scared me the most. I can obviously handle the weight but by the last set I just couldn’t go on. My legs had nothing left. At that point my form started slipping and I started to feel my back hurting a little. That’s when I know it’s time to shut it down.)

Dumbbell incline bench press – 15×35, 15×35, 15×35

(This was probably the right weight because I had to struggle to finish all the sets. I might be able to go heavier but my right shoulder started popping and making a cracking noise toward the end. It didn’t hurt but I don’t like that at all.)

Bulgarian split squat – 15×15, 15xBW, 15xBW

(When I saw these up next on my sheet I was ready to quit. My least favorite lift on the day when my legs are so sore. I gritted my teeth and did the first set with the 15 pound dumbbells. I’ll admit that it wasn’t much of a set. I barely went down at all. It was brutal. Rather then quitting I decided to do the next set with just body weight. It hurt too but it enabled me to go a lot lower and still get a huge sweat. I’m really proud of myself for doing that.)

Mixed grip lat pulldown – 15×120, 15×120, 15×120

(No complaints with this one. My upper body isn’t nearly as sore as my lower.)

Romanian deadlift – 15×45, 1×45, no lift

(I tried this lift with 95 pounds and realized quickly that I had no chance. I broke it down to just the bar and still had to grit my teeth to finish the first set. I tried the second set and after one pathetic rep I knew I was done. No chance whatsoever.)

Swiss ball lateral roll – 15×15, no lift, no lift

(The first set nearly killed me. By this point I didn’t know if I could stay on the ball. I didn’t even try the last two.)

NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 1A

Wow. I forgot how hard this is.

I made it back to the gym for the first time in a month and I got beat up pretty bad. I went back to the Fat Loss phase hoping to get back to hard work and profuse sweating. I definitely got what I bargained for. This lift was TOUGH. I’m sore right now and I know that things are going to be a 100x worse tomorrow. What a nightmare. I’m not sure I want to go to sleep.

My strength was just as bad as I worried. My disappointment was tempered by the knowledge that I’m doing really high reps. Still, it feels like I’m starting back at square one. Perhaps things will look up as the weeks go by. You’ve got to start somewhere, I guess.

Here are the numbers. 

Squat – 7×135, 15×95, 15×95

(I started out with 135 and I couldn’t get all the reps. This was more then a little depressing. I made a promise to myself that I would do what it takes to do things right so I dropped the weight. The high reps made my legs incredibly sore but I had no problems with breathing. It’s good to know that I’m not sucking wind anymore. I’ll get those numbers up eventually. My reps drop pretty soon and I’ll get back to form before long.)

Cable seated row – 15×120, 15×120, 15×120

(Stuck with my first guess and I think it was a good one. These were tough. I think I can try to go a little higher next time. We’ll see.)

Supine hip extension – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(After the squats these were pretty difficult. I didn’t have any problem with form but they still gave me a hard time. I’m glad that this lift has bodyweight stuff like this. It’s a welcome relief after finishing the first two.)

Dumbbell push press – 15×30, 15×30, 15×30

(Again I guessed on the weight and again I think I hit it pretty close. By the time I got to that last set I was struggling like crazy. I don’t know that the 35’s would have been possible.) 

Rotational lunge – 15×15, 15×15, 1×15

(I went really low here and that was probably for the best. I dropped really low on every single rep. My knee was constantly scraping the ground. Beads of sweat were rolling down my face just like old times. My wind was good though so I guess I should be thankful for that improvement. By the last set I simply couldn’t go on. My legs were too tired.)

Swiss ball crunch – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(You know you’ve had a tough workout when you struggle with crunches. That’s just what happened. I was so tired during the last two sets I had to grit my teeth and fight through them. The last set came right after I failed on the lunges. It was a struggle like that I haven’t felt in a while.)

Back to the gym

Tonight is the night!

I’m a little worried at how nervous I am about starting back at the gym later today. It’s been a month but lifting is just like riding a bicycle, right?

My right ankle has been bothering me for a few days and squats are on deck tonight. This should be interesting. I’ll probably start off with lower weights and slowly build up. I have a tendency to go a little too high and sacrifice form in the name of progress. I hope I can control that urge today and make some actual progress.

That’s my goal anyway. To do every rep right. My ego be damned.